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A better look March 25, 2007

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First of all I have to say that I am happy with the new Logan. It runs just as I expected and it does look good in that bright blue colour.

On the other hand, what I didn’t discover when I took the car from the dealer became obvious the second day, under the “cruel” light of the sun. It’s not big things, just small details, but they do contribute to the way one perceives a car: – The car was not washed prior to the delivery. As far as I know, washing the car is the second item on the “to do” list sent by the manufacturer to all dealers. I guess this dealer thought that Friday’s rain would do the job, but it didn’t. There was some mud visible behind the wheels, because the delivery parking is located in an area that it is not paved yet (at least that’s what I’ve been told), and the grease used in the factory for the door hinges was not washed away from under the door.


– When removing the plastic covers from the seats, nobody bothered to check if bits of plastic remained tangled on the sides. I did check, and guess what… I did the dealer’s job.

plasticfantastic1.JPG plasticfantastic2.JPG
– Due to the mud in the delivery parking, someone didn’t pay too much attention when installing the front panel of the audio unit: seems that wiping is a hard job these days.


– Once again, the things mentioned above are small details, but the part that really annoys me is the tyre pressure. According to the book, it should be 2.0 bar on the front, and 2.2 on the back axle. It was over 2.5 bar. I measured it twice with two different pressure gauges, and the result was the same: 2.5 to 2.8 bar, depending on the wheel. When driving back home from the dealer I felt that something was a little bit odd compared to the Logans I drove until now. This was it: the tires were too rigid and “jumpy” over cobblestones. It is a pity that such small things, easy to “repair”, affect the perception of an otherwise good car. Once again, bringing all tyres to the same pressure is one of the tasks in charge of the dealer, as stated in procedures for preparing a car for delivery.


Moving on, next post will start the crash-course in how to build a low-cost car: Lesson 1 – Design to cost.



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