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Playing Sherlock Holmes April 4, 2007

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As I mentioned in my previous post, the Logan in India is a little bit different compared to the “European” one that has a Dacia badge glued to it.

The obvious distinct feature is the front grill, the one used by Logan in Russia, where it is sold as a Renault model, but the front spoiler is “unusual”: Logan is launched in India at this moment only as a sedan version, but its front spoiler belongs in fact to the estate version, the MCV. This choice might have something to do with the fact that the engine needs a wider air intake for cooling, but it might be just as well a purely “stylish” decision, since the MCV front spoiler is better looking and somewhat more aggressive than the “classical” one.


Although not very visible from this angle, you can nevertheless see something black rising at the lower end of the windshield. Instead of adopting a new configuration for the wipers, Renault chose a mechanical system fitted on the existing outlets: the wiper in front of the driver thus makes a wider movement, clearing also the upper corner of the windshield.

Moving to the back side of the car, if the European versions have the Logan badge completed with “by Renault”, the Indian models are in fact Logan “by Mahindra”, which is a nice local touch. My Logan, obviously, is “by Renault”.


Still on the outside, it seems that all Logan versions will be offered in India with front and rear spoilers fully painted, this option being reserved in Europe only for the high-end version Prestige 1.6 16V. The side ornaments and door handles are painted as well. The interesting part is that, although the “Indian” Logan has all the new features introduced in Europe last year with the “New Collection” phase (the boot lid with an improved design, new gearshift knob, etc), the lock for the luggage compartment is the “old” one, that uses only the key, without the new thumb-push release button.


The alloy wheels presented in the official photos are completely different from the options available on the European market.

The interior is specific to the Indian market, too. The colour used is beige, a brighter shade than the interiors of the European versions. The video included at the end of this post (source: Renault, via thenewsmarket.com) reveals that this lighter colour helps create a “friendlier” environment.

The engine line-up is special for the Indian market: two petrol engines (1.4 and 1.6 liters) and one diesel, 1.5 dCI. Since the official site does not mention anything about compliance to emission norms, I guess all engines are Euro 3, and I build this judgement based on the fact that the “Indian” diesel engine has only 65 HP. On the European market, Logan is Euro 4 compliant, and this means that the diesel versions have another engine, that developes 70 HP. The 1.6 16V engine is not available on the Indian market.

Now, take a ride with Logan in India!



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