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The results are in! April 24, 2007

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Time to put some figures on the table!

Lack of spare time means less traveling. Still, two weeks ago, on Easter, we all went to the mountains. We went to Cheia, a small resort some 130 km away from Bucharest. The car behaved nicely, the baby didn’t. Ok, you cannot ask too much from a 6-month old baby, but trust me on this: to drive 130 km in four and a half hours doesn’t come easy to anyone! Thank God that we got there at all!


Ooops! I promised figures… Here they are:

Total trip Bucharest – Cheia – Bucharest: 265 km

Fuel economy: 4,1 litres/100 km

Now, I don’t know about you, but I consider this a very good result for a diesel engine (70 HP) in its infancy. I didn’t speed (max. 100 km/h; 60 mph), and I kept the engine under 2,500 rpm. I did it because these are the dealer’s advices, but also because I consider that any car should be treated with more care in its first trips. Engines are usually tested on a “dry bench”, they do not run under normal conditions until you take hold of the key. Try to imagine the fuel costs for a manufacturer to make every car run around the factory for a lap, for example, in order to “round up” the engine. So, I believe that it is better to first use your car wisely, calmly, to take as many long trips as you can, to let the car get accustomed with you. I did it with my first new car and it worked: now it has 150,000 km and the engine still runs like new.

Normally all engines tend to have a bigger consumption rate in the early days of their lifes than later on, but I don’t believe that what I got now will improve dramatically: yes, the engine will drink less in time, but my right foot will get heavier as well. If I get the same mileage while driving at 120 – 130 km/h, then I’ll be happy!


The good part about this kind of mileage is that once arrived at your destination, you can relax and admire the flowers, without having to worry about looking for a gas station on your way back.




1. oana - April 25, 2007

Impressive mileage!

2. danielogan - April 25, 2007

Impressive indeed, thank you! Nevertheless, I have to point out that this result was achieved with a “light foot”, on good weather, without air conditioning, with two adults, a baby and some not very heavy luggage. The traffic was not intense, and the average speed showed by the computer was 57,5 km/h. Still, it is something to brag about, and that’s exactly what I am doing.

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