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Pack your bags for Rio! Or is it Frankfurt??? September 9, 2007

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In a few hours the Frankfurt Motor Show will open its doors for the press and all the secrets will be unveiled. Among them, a very big, big surprise!

Rumors (in portuguese) say that the new Logan hatchback version will make its world debut in Germany, although initial plans indicated a launch in Brazil, where the car will be produced at first. 

The really big news is that the style of the new model is not based on the box-shaped  Logan: the line will resemble Renault Clio III and most probably there will be a new name for it, because of that.

Now, the really, really big news is that I have spotted this new name (or at least I hope I did): SANDERO! Yes, among all the names secured by Renault recently this is the one that makes sense. Renault Sandero / Dacia Sandero. I had to choose between Sandero, Tangara and Taranis, but I believe that the first one is more appropriate for a car “born” in South America.

So, keep your eyes on Hall 3.1 (sector A02) at the IAA in Frankfurt! There will be a new twist in the Logan saga!



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