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Pickup lines: “it’s also for pleasure” September 11, 2007

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Dacia has to wait a while before it can put its badge on the new Sandero, but it wil be the first to market the new Logan Pickup, the fourth model in its lineup, after Logan, Logan MCV and Logan Van.


There are not too many details about the new Logan Pickup. We know that it will be sold in 2008, at first only in Romania, and that it has a payload of 800 kg, a load length of 1.80 meters and a stowage space of 300 liters behind the seats.

The interesting part, for me at least, is that Dacia/Renault wants to market this vehicle not only as a light comercial vehicle, but also as a car for recreational activities, taking advantage of its load space to pick up a quad, a surf board or any other “tool” for a cool weekend outside the city. In fact, the press release for the new Dacia Logan Pickup states that this is a “practical, robust vehicle for business and pleasure”.

Now, I don’t know if potential clients will buy this line, but it is interesting to imagine how this Pickup would look with a stylish bullbar, sidebars and chunkier tyres. It would be the closest thing to an American pickup truck on this side of the Atlantic.

Dacia needed this Pickup in its offer, after shutting down the production of the old Pickup, based on the Renault 12 platform, at the end of 2005.  


The advantage of the old model was that it had several versions: Dropside, Double Cabin, and also FWD versions. So far, there is no official intention to develop any of these versions for the new Pickup.

(The source for all photos is Renault/Dacia)



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