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On the road

This is my first post, my first blog, and all I start with is an idea: I want to share with those who are interested my thoughts and experiences about a car. No, I am not a petrolhead and speed at all costs is not my thing. The car that I want to write about is the more or less famous Logan, the low-cost car developed by Renault and sold at this very moment in 51 countries with a Dacia badge (49 countries) or a Renault one.

Dacia Logan

Dacia, for those who don’t know it, is a Romanian brand and Romania is where the “Logan Story” began. I am not going to document here the history of Dacia or to explain where Romania is on the map, but I guess that it is clear by now that I am a Romanian, I live and work in Romania. However, my intention is to focus on topics about Logan that may interest a wider audience than the Romanian one… hence my writing in English.

Why “Logan” and why “101”? Logan is widely known as the “low-cost car” and embodies an new path in the automotive industry: building a simple yet reliable car that provides transportation from point A to point B. No expensive electronics, no gimmicks, just “low-cost, no-frills”, the principle introduced in the US airline industry by Southwest Airlines, and then copied in Europe by other companies such as Ryanair or easyJet. The “low-cost phenomena” is a well documented story in the case of airline companies, but the low-cost car is still a fresh issue. The “101” part is simple. I am “101” (a beginner that is) in blogging, just as the Logan is a “freshman” in low-cost. Hopefully we will both “graduate” at one moment. You’ll be the judge of that as we go along.



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